Fluid States Radio - Interoceanic: Isthmus Zone Canal, Panama

The first Fluid States event will take place with Interoceanic: Isthmus Zone Canal in Panama from 5-9 January 2015. Panama joins PSi-2015 Fluid States with a series of performance interventions on and about the Panama Canal, the country’s emblematic marker. The two-day event will begin with performance work that addresses the history and politics of Panama by using the canal as a performance site. The second day will convene artists and scholars in panels and round tables to discuss the relationship between the canal and questions of sovereignty, developmentalism, empire, ocean trade, engineering, and ecology.


- PSi#21 Fluid States - Panama: A Pre-Event Interview With Sebastian Calderon Bentin, with Felipe Cervera, 1 January 2015

In this interview, curator Sebastian Calderon Bentin talks with Fluid States correspondent Felipe Cervera in the lead up to the event, about the issues it, and the Fluid States programs more broadly, raise.

Spanish version of the interview

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