Fluid States TV - Deep Anatomy, Bahamas

The Fluid States event in the Bahamas is Deep Anatomy, from 27 February to 1 March 2015.

Visit the Deep Anatomy playlist on the Fluid States TV YouTube chanel here.

On the playlist -

Depth  Vertical Blue photographer Daan Verhoeven talks about his father, Dutch philosopher Cornelis Verhoeven, and the concept of 'depth' that unites their work, 01 May 2015

- Breatheology - Guinness World Record breaking free-diver Stig Severinsen talks about 'Breatheology' and the experiences that brought him to freediving.

- sampling.salting.sounding - Australian artist Mick Douglas talks and performs his invitation to a sampling.salting.sounding at Deep Anatomy

- Cast Aways - Costume designer and artist Amelia Taverner talks about her work 'Cast Aways' that examines washed up garments from the beaches of Long Island and their stories of the migrancy.

- Being Contextual - Architect and Long Island regular Howard Holtzman talks about 'Being Contextual' on Long Island, revealing the various cultural, geological, and environmental features of the island.


Tags: Environment Ecology and Performance  Performance Studies in the Americas   Phenomenology and Performance  Space Place and Performance   

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