Fluid States Radio - Aural Lighthouses: A Beacon From Radio Free Santorini, Greece

The Fluid States in Greece is Aural Lighthouses: A Beacon From Radio Free Santorini, and is thematised around the radio relay of imminent danger, as a form of communication, transmission and transport.

On the playlist -

- PSi#21 Fluid States - Greece, An Interview With Rustom Bharucha and Ileana Drinovan by Ljubisa Matic, 19 May 2015

In this interview, participant Rustom Bharucha and curator Ileana Drinovan talks with Fluid States correspondent and fellow convenor Ljubi Matic about the interventions at the event, the issues addressed, and the Fluid States programs more broadly.

Available on Fluid States Radio at https://soundcloud.com/fluidstates/aural-lighthouses-santorini-greece-ileana-drinovan-interviewed-by-rustom-bharucha-may-19-2015

Tags: Media Technology and Performance  Mobility Travel Transport and Performance   Performance Studies in Europe  Performance Studies in Languages Other Than English  

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