The Fluid States Route: Island Vessel and Dock #4 - Bahamas encounters Greece

To the Aural Lighthouses cluster for PSi#21 Fluid States in Santorini, Greece
We are sending you a sound file as a 'vessel' between our two clusters, from Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas to the Santorini Caldera in Greece. This sound will link these two holes in the ocean: a cenote and a caldera, formed by the very different processes of slow geological dissolution and a sudden volcanic explosion. The breath is like both: a slow rhythm or meter that never stops for our whole lives, but when we hold the breath back for the few minutes that is possible, or when we dive, it always returns with an explosive force. This sound file captures six 'in-breaths' from participants in Deep Anatomy. The in-breath prepares us for disaster, stress, and the unknown. We intend this short collection of in-breaths as a fitting link between our cluster that concerns itself with free-diving, and yours which looks at how the people may prepare themselves for disaster. These six breaths are fast, chaotic, and produced under duress. I hope that your cluster allows the participants and the people of Santorini to have a moment of listening together, of shared breath, and shared in-breath. In New Zealand Maori tradition the formal greeting is the hongi, where two people touch noses and inhale together. Across the Atlantic we reach out to share an in-breath with you all.
Sam Trubridge - Director of Deep Anatomy, Fluid States #21 cluster, The Bahamas.
Listen to the sound file HERE.

Tags: Environment Ecology and Performance  Identities Bodies Corporealities in Performance   Performance Studies in the Americas   Phenomenology and Performance  Scenography and Performance  

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