The Fluid States Route: Island Vessel and Dock #5 - Greece encounters Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands

PSi #21 Fluid States - Greece, Aural Lighthouses: A Beacon From Radio Free Santorini is a collaborative sound project broadcast by, a local Santorini radio station. Works by international sound artists will be broadcast three times daily, at 10:00AM, 14:00PM and 20:00PM Greek time. The works are centered around the idea of catastrophe and sound. Each artist has submitted work in clusters and will be featured over the duration of a month, approximately. Radio Free Santorini will broadcast 365 days of sound.

On 18 June 2015, between 2pm and 5pm CET (Central European Time),  the Aural Lighthouses team will send a one-hour radio broadcast as a vessel to the next Fluid States event, PSi#21 Fluid States - Denmark, Greenland, and Faroe Islands, Fluid States North, via the Santozeum's Radio Free Santorini website at

The vessel will add to the telematic encounters taking place between Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands on 18-21 June 2015, which will be documented here on the Log, and at the Fluid States North website

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