Fluid States Radio

Fluid States Radio broadcasts will be drawn from interviews conducted at the various Fluid States locations by the local and visiting correspondents, and also from the regular broadcasts of the 'Radio Free Santorini' project, taking place as part of the Fluid States program in Santorini, Greece. By combining interviews with content from the 'Ratio Free Santorini' team, we will enmesh Fluid States reporting within a sequence of sound art curated, imported and broadcast as recording, or performed live from the Santozeum. Tune in to hear reportage, reference, relay of fluid sounds.

PSi#21 Fluid States: A Pre-Event Interview With Curator Sebastian Calderon Bentin, with Felipe Cervera, 1 January 2015.

PSi #21 Fluid States: A Pre-Event Provocation - 'It's the surprises that turn out to be so valuable', a conversation about Fluid States, Tracy C. Davis with Una Bauer, 1 September 2015

PSi #21 Fluid States - Bosnia: A Pre-Event Provocation from Bosnia - "We turn at the immense horror of Medusa's head", a conversation about Fluid States in Bosnia and Herzegovina, featuring Four Faces of Omarska curator Branislav Jakovljevic with Katarina Lovrecic, 1 September 2015

The 'Radio Free Santorini' team is planning to broadcast each day from 2 January 2015, with repeats at 10.00, 14.00, 20.00 CET, and content remaining on their site for asynchronous download for two weeks, at their radio partner's website. Find out more about the 'Radio Free Santorini' project as part of the Fluid States program in Santorini, Greece, here. For further information about 'Radio Free Santorini', about content, or to propose content, contact Greece convenor Ileana Drinovan, ileana.drinovan@gmail.com.

(Photo: Derek Swanson)

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