The Fluid States Route: Island Vessel and Dock #8 - Cook Islands encounters Japan

Vessel from Rarotonga to Japan

by Amanda Yates and Dorita Hannah

25 September 2015

PSi#21 Fluid States - Cook Islands

Fluid States / Oceanic Performance Biennial 2015 / CEREMONIAL VESSEL from the Cook Islands to Japan

Dorita Hannah

Performance designer Dorita Hannah – working with the crocheted biomorphs of artist, Linda Erceg – explores the contiguity between site, body and object through the figure of theAnthropo-scenic Bride as abjectile:contiguous with landscape and emergent as theatre-of-matter. Maternal/virginal and mythical/visceral, she resembles the ghost nets washed up on Pacific beaches, which, left by fishermen, entrap sea life and filter trash. This notion travels and is conveyed through the performance dramaturgy of Katherine Mezur, in Aomori, Tohoku in collaboration with Megan Nicely, Tanya Calamoneri, and Tanya London to reconfigure the body objects as events within the specific landscape of FS Tohoku, through to a ceremony transferring the OPB LEI, designed by Amanda Yates, from the Cook Islands to Japan.


Amanda Yates

In the Pacific the Lei, or flower garland, carries with it customs of greeting, welcome and transfer. Within the context of the year-long, globally dispersed performance event that is Fluid States: Performances of Unknowing Psi #21, the Digital Lei (conceived and designed by Amanda Yates with 3D sound-print software  by Gerbrand Van Melle and Stefan Marks) acts as a performative vessel of transfer, marking the Pacific’s contribution – the Oceanic Performance Biennial 2015, held in the Cook Islands. In its material form the lei transmits a digital capture of sounds – held in the audio-prints – and still/moving images from the event. Conveyed by Dorita Hannah and Linda Erceg's Anthropo(s)enic Bride – a mutable abject figure referring to the ghost nets washed up on Pacific shorelines – and choreographed by Katherine Mezur working with Butoh dancers, the docking of the Lei linked  two Pacific event-islands (Rarotonga and Honshu) – in the connective sequence that is Fluid States.



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