PSi #21 Fluid States Publisher’s Port

The Publisher’s Port is our online equivalent of a bookstand at a single location conference.

As a participant in PSi #21 Fluid States, you can use the links below to browse our publisher’s catalogues, check out sample chapters, articles and content, buy books at a discount, and learn about how you can propose projects you think would suit a particular publisher’s booklist. Throughout the year, our publishers will also facilitate conversations about the future of publishing in our field, publishing across global boundaries, and the benefits and drawbacks of digital technology in publishing. You will be kept up to date with brochures, book launch announcements, online book launch events, other book-linked activities, and competitions that will allow you to build your book collections.


Palgrave Macmillan



A long-time partner and supporter of Performance Studies international (PSI), Palgrave Macmillan's cutting-edge Theatre and Performance list presents the latest critical thinking in the discipline for students, scholars, and practitioners. From immersive theatre and contemporary playwrights to devising performance and theatre history, we publish works by a diverse range of renowned authors such as Helen Nicholson, Elaine Aston, Brian Singleton, Jill Dolan, Jen Harvie, Dan Rebellato, John Frick, Bruce McConachie, and Petra Kuppers, as well as emerging scholars, including many scholars participating in PSi#21 Fluid States activities in Europe, Asia and the Americas.






[photo on the home page by Seokwon Yang]

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