Fluid States TV - Performance beyond / and: Contamination, Corporeality, Spirituality, Pilgrimage, and Locality, Japan

The Fluid States event Beyond Contamination: Corporeality, Spirituality and Pilgrimage in Northern Japan Aomori, Tohoku took place on 28 August (Pre-event), and 29 August -1 September, 2015.

Aomori city is in Tohoku 東北, the northern region of the main island of Japan, roughly located at the same latitude as New York, Beijing and Rome. The venue of the conference is The Aomori Museum of Art, which was established adjacent to the Jomon period (BC 10,000) historical site, Sannai Maruyama, in order to propagate the culture of the arts of the Northern Tohoku region.

Visit the Beyond Contamination: Corporeality, Spirituality and Pilgrimage playlist on the Fluid States TV YouTube chanel. 

Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QetCJMmJBKw

For more documentation from the event, visit the Correspondence page. 

Tags: Religion Spirituality and Performance  

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