Fluid States TV - Sea Change, Cook Islands

PSi #21 Fluid States Cook Islands was Sea Change: Performing a Fluid Content.

Fluid States / Sea-Change: Oceanic Performance Biennial 2015
Sea-change: Performing a Fluid Continent was the 2nd Oceanic Performance Biennial (OPB) held in Rarotonga (Cook Islands:July 8-11, 2015). Gathering together local and international artist and academics, it asked how Pacific-oriented performance studies and practices can disturb, provoke and extend thought and action in relation to the seascape and it’s attendant social and biotic communities. Over 3 days, Rarotonga (the island and community) hosted a series of public events, in which performance acted as a lens through which to “see change” via a public presencing in which the ocean was explored as origin, immersive medium, life-support system and mirror. Through the Cook Island concept of ta’okota’i’anga, the event gathered together local and international performers, activists, academics and communities to discuss Oceanic ecologies, utilizing an event dramaturgy that mobilized participants across the 3 vaka (tribal districts of Te Au O Tonga, Takitimu and Puiakura) that ring the island as well as from the sea to shore and on to the highlands.

Visit the Sea Change Playlist on the Fluid States TV YouTube chanel.


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