What is the Fluid States Log?

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Fluid States Log!

THE LOG (ship’s diary) is the Fluid States news portal: a virtual, on-line, day-by-day performance in-transit and of transits throughout 2015. The LOG interconnects, communicates and interacts across the dispersed loci and vast distances of the islands, their vessels and docks. The LOG conveys information, facilitates updates and discussions, but also affords an interactive vehicle for participatory documentation in order to create a living archive for the events on or around the Fluid States islands. The LOG enables the Fluid States participants to share texts, images, performances and other creative artefacts. It invites navigation, conversation and collaboration without colonisation, becoming a thought-provoking platform by which PSi #21 Fluid States connects local audiences with other local audiences, then also global audiences, and vice versa.

Throughout 2014, THE LOG will be a place to test out communication ideas that will be put in practice in 2015, and its publishing dynamics will be somewhat slower.

We will work on THE LOG in collaboration with Novi list, Rijeka. Starting from September 2014, students of the University of Rijeka will also join us with their contributions.

[photo by Martyn Wright]

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