Four Faces of Omarska

The Fluid States cluster in Prijedor - Omarska has been cancelled due to organisational problems on the ground.

Tags: Aging Illness Disease and Disability in Performance  Audiences Spectators Spectatorship in Performance  Class Labor Economy and Performance  Community and Performance  Daily Life Daily Rituals and Performance   Disaster Recovery Resilience and Performance  Dramaturgy and Performance  Environment Ecology and Performance  Gender Sexuality and Performance  History Tradition and Performance  Identities Bodies Corporealities in Performance   Indigeneity and Performance  Media Technology and Performance  Memory Testimony and Performance  Mobility Travel Transport and Performance   Performance as Research  Performance Documentation and Archives  Performance Paradigms and Knowledges  Performance Studies  Performance Studies in Africa   Performance Studies in Asia  Performance Studies in Europe  Performance Studies in Languages Other Than English  Performance Studies in the Americas   Performance Studies in the Pacific  Performance Studies Lexicon  Performance Studies Pedagogies  Performance Studies Publishing  Phenomenology and Performance  Philosophy and Performance  Politics the Public Sphere and Performance  Race Ethnicity and Performance  Religion Spirituality and Performance  Scenography and Performance  Space Place and Performance   Terrorism Security and Performance   War Trauma Migration Diaspora and Performance  

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