Introducing Drugo more, the organisation behind Zooming Fluid States

Drugo More (the Other Sea) is a non-profit organization located in Rijeka, Croatia working in the field of contemporary arts & culture. Since its inception in 1999, the organisation has been running a dynamic programme centred around a tight link between art and wider social and political concerns. The engagement of the organisation is three-fold, spanning across a number of local, national and international issues, with a marked focus on building cross-cultural dialogues between these levels.
We work in close collaboration with a number of locally-based cultural organizations, who operate jointly under the name Association Molekula. Molekula is also the name of a physical space in Baross harbour and estuary, consisting of a rehearsal and workshop space, a dance studio, a gallery and a club. Molekula's programme ranges from exhibitions, seminars, festivals, performances and workshops.
Drugo more has so far finalized around twenty performance and visual arts productions, organized several hundred different cultural programs and participated in realization of a dozen major international projects. The organization is also active in the field of cultural policies, conducts different types of research in culture and organizes educational activities.
REFLEKS is a series of programmes dedicated to the discourse on contemporary cultural experience. Through a variety of formats, we are initiating discussions on aesthetical, ethical and organizational aspects of cultural activities, social phenomena and activism. We have hosted artists, curators, theorists and cultural managers with the aim to deepen the understanding and engagement with contemporary visual arts, new media and theory through lectures and discussions. These programmes are designed for a distinctive audience including professionals who work in the field of culture and young artists or cultural workers who are starting on their career paths. Our guests were: Jacques Rancière, Škart Collective, Julian Henriques, Dorita Hannah, Katarzyna Krakowiak, Dalibor Martinis, Goran Petercol, Marcell Mars, Željko Zorica, Siniša Labrović, Raymond Bellour, Cesare Pietrousti and many others.

MOJE, TVOJE, NAŠE (MINE, YOURS, OURS FESTIVAL) is an interdisciplinary annual arts festival focused each year on a different topic of current social interest. So far we have dealt with the question of ownership, transition, consumerism, solidarity, resistance, labour and utopia. Through the framework of the festival we are establishing a dialogue between artistic and theoretical aspects of the topic in question. We believe that art can provide a variety of insights and deepen our understanding of a particular phenomenon by relying on different types of cognitive mechanisms than science. By interweaving art (exhibitions, performances, film screenings, presentations), theoretical programs (international conferences) and various other formats (round tables, workshops and book presentations), we create a lively and productive intellectual atmosphere.

ZOOM FESTIVAL was born out of the need for a recognizable performing arts festival, that will differ from the events in the region. We created a festival which corresponds to the needs of local audience in demand for a diverse artistic program of high quality. In the framework of the festival we showcase works that are difficult to assign to a specific field, due to a combination of different techniques, methods and concepts. Each year focuses on a different author, situation or topic in order to highlight its impact on contemporary performing arts scene. Our aim was also to attract attention of a specific community of experts involved in developments in contemporary theatre. The first edition of the festival was accompanied by the PSi#15 follow-up conference, which welcomed world-leading performance studies scholars and artists. The artists, directors and performers whose works were presented on the festival include: Janez Janša, Ivana Müller, United Sorry, Showcase Beat Le Mot, Doris Uhlich, BADco., Ligna, Every house has a door, etc.

BCC – BALCAN CONTEMPORARY project is designed to connect South Eastern Europe’s fragmentary and often isolated performing arts scenes. Despite common aesthetic values, contacts and rich collaborations, Balkan contemporary performing arts scene is rarely perceived as a distinct space. In the past three years we have been working on a development of a regional platform, stimulating distribution of ideas, works, and circulation of artists in the performing arts scene. Our activities include the BCC newspaper, BCC web ( as the central informational sharing point of the platform, translations of theoretical texts, plays and essays, workshops on dance, dramaturgy and theory, art production (more than 20 performances were produced in the framework of the project since its beginning), distribution of artworks (more than 30 shows were circulated in the Balkan region) and strengthening of a distribution platform. BCC is implemented by nine organizations from the Balkan region, with Drugo more as the coordinator of the project.

Drugo more also conducts different types of research, monitoring and initiates campaigns in cultural policies.
We are also developing educational activities aimed mostly at students or young professionals, enabling them to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of culture and art. We also encourage and produce their work which has resulted in several successful performances and exhibitions.

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