Call for Local and Visiting Correspondents Announced


In 2015, on it’s 21st birthday, Performance Studies international (PSi) presents PSi #21 Fluid States: Performances of UnKnowing, a dispersed festival style conference which – instead of inviting participants to a single location – invites them to participate live or online with 15 local conference, symposium and performance programs across Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas and the Pacific throughout 2015.

The dramaturgical device that connects the clusters of activity in PSi#21 Fluid States is an oceanic metaphor. Each local cluster is an island, which creates a vessel to send an item –image, text, artefact or performance – to dock at other islands who then engage that vessel as part of their own live and online activities.

The PSi #21 Fluid States events will be linked not only via travelling scholars, presenters and performers, but also via an online news and publications portal called the ‘LOG’.  Utilizing Web 2.0 technologies, this multimedia platform will enable participants to exchange images, texts, documents and other digital artefacts online  from ‘island’ to ‘island’ throughout 2015. It will deliver updates, facilitate discussion and disseminate reports, publications and documentation to a worldwide community of scholars, artists, activists and students.

Scholars, artists, and activists will be welcomed to participate either

as a Presenter, Panellist or Performer

and / or

as a local or visiting correspondent

A local or visiting correspondent is a researcher in residence who creatively responds to academic/artistic programs unfolding at a Fluid States event that is local (in the case of local correspondents) or not local (in the case of visiting correspondents) to her/himself. During and following their residency at the location, the LCs/VCs will be welcomed to share their work on the Fluid States Log in a range of formats, including short updates, interviews, texts, images and videos, other forms of provocation or participatory documentation, artwork and artefacts, and papers. After the event, LCs/VCs will be welcomed to contribute scholarly presentations of their work to a permanent online publication PSi plans to develop in parallel with the Fluid States project, and as part of the long term legacy of the Fluid States project. The contributions may directly relate to the Fluid States event, or, of course, may draw less directly on the Fluid States event and more directly on the LCs/VCs own research activities, agendas and ambitions.

The LCs/VCs contributions, and their textual, visual, sonic, video or other interventions, will become a critical component of PSi #21 Fluid States, navigating the topics and the terrain for a global audience.

Expressions of interest in acting as a Local Correspondents at each location will be evaluated by a committee consisting of representatives of respective local events and the Fluid States website (the LOG) editorial board.

Artists, scholars and activities interested in expressing interest in becoming a LC/VC at one or more event locations should do so by sending the following information to -


PSi #21 Fluid States – Call for Local & Visiting Correspondents


Name –


Institution (if any) –


Event(s) in which you wish to act as an LC/VC –


Short statement about why you are interested in the theme or topic at the event(s)

and how it relates to your own research activities, agendas and ambitions (up to 250 words) –


Short statement about why you are interested in reporting or publishing responses to the event(s)

based on your own research activities, agendas and ambitions (up to 150 words) –


Short biography (up to 200 words) –


Expressions of interest should be sent to at least 5 months prior to the event(s) at which you wish to act as LC/VC – for example, if you wish to act as LC/VC at the event in Panama in January 2015 you should express interest by 31st August 2014, if you wish to act as LC/VC at the event in Ethiopia in February 2015 you should express interest by 30 September 2014, and so on. This will ensure there is enough time for the location convenors to embed you in the program, and, of course, enough time for you to arrange your airfare, accommodation, visas, insurance, or any other arrangements required to attend the event.


*** We anticipate selecting 5-10 LCs/VCs at each location.


*** Local organizers will decide on the number of LCs/VCs at each location.


*** LCs/VCs will get an official letter of invitation to participate in the event(s) at the location.

*** LCs/VCs  will have their names listed in the local events programs and will form a network of Fluid States correspondents-researchers associated with the LOG.
***  LCs/VCs can also propose to local organisers to visit the location as presenters, panellists or performers, although presenting in the respective event program is not a requirement for becoming an LCs/VCs.

Find out more about the role of Local and Visiting Correspondents here.


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