Melbourne: Call for Participation Announced




journeys - performances - exhibitions - symposium 

 17 September to 31 October 2015, Melbourne


P-E-R-F-O-R-M-I-N-G  M-O-B-I-L-I-T-I-E-S is the Australian regional cluster contribution to Fluid States (, a networked, year-long program initiated by Performance Studies international (PSi). Over 2015, fourteen regional performance gatherings will be staged in diverse global locations in order to rethink performance ideas and practices in terms of shifting geopolitical and socio-political realities.  


P-E-R-F-O-R-M-I-N-G   M-O-B-I-L-I-T-I-E-S explores how contemporary life in Australia, the world’s largest island continent, is framed by borders whilst constantly being reconstructed through dynamic processes of mobility. The project seeks to creatively and critically explore forms, forces, dynamics, meanings and consequences of performing mobility through a program of new experimental work. It proceeds from a series of journey-based projects throughout Australia over 2015, via a mobile performance program and gallery exhibitions, towards a symposium in Melbourne in October 2015. Proposals are invited from artists, makers, writers and researchers for journeying projects and creative works for the performance and exhibition program, and contributions to a 3-day symposium. Cross-form and interdisciplinary creative projects and performances, temporary interventions, performative presentations and academic papers are sought which combine artistic research and critical reflection to investigate intersections of mobility and performance that are of specific relevance in Australia whilst being globally resonant.


mobile performance and gallery exhibition program

17 September to 31 October 2015 

 RMIT Gallery + Margaret Lawrence VCA Gallery + Melbourne environs


symposium: passages and traces performing mobilities

9-11 October 2015 / RMIT University + venues of Melbourne


CALL FOR CREATIVE PROJECTS Proposals for journey projects, mobile performances, creative works and research presentations are invited that will make a compelling contribution to one or more of the Performing Mobilities programs: a six-week gallery exposition program tracing journey-based projects performing mobility in Australia over 2015; a coinciding mobile performance program in and around the gallery expositions and Melbourne’s environs; a three-day symposium presentation and performance event in Melbourne. Proposals selected by the curatorial team will be offered an artist’s fee.  

Residence in Mobility with a journey project:  A number of journey-based projects throughout 2015 will invite artists, writers, makers and academics to undertake a participatory role.  Details of mobile residency opportunities will be announced on the project website in December 2014.

Project Proposals closing date: 31 October 2014.  

Accepted proposals announced: December 2014.


CALL FOR SYMPOSIUM PRESENTATIONS AND PERFORMANCES Academic papers, performative presentations and performances are invited.  Abstracts of proposals will be peer reviewed. Selected papers will be invited to be developed for publication in a special edition of the Australasian Drama Studies journal in 2016 and/or an edited volume reflecting upon the Performing Mobilities project.

Symposium Proposals closing date: 15 Janurary 2015

Accepted proposals announced: March 2015.

Proposals are now invited for contributions to that interdisciplinary symposium, which will involve the following formats:

Academic papers will be 20 mins in duration. Selected papers will be invited to be developed for publication in a special edition of the Australasian Drama Studies journal in 2016 and/or an edited volume reflecting upon the Performing Mobilities project. Proposals for a panel presentation of three papers are welcome.

Performative presentations may work within the 20-minute paper presentation time slot, or with symposium breaks, or with innovative formats, contexts and durations.

Performances, interventions and events might work in relation to the two gallery venues (RMIT Gallery + Margaret Lawrence VCA Gallery), to the RMIT and VCA campuses and typical facilities, to spaces and situations of the surrounding city between and around the galleries, to the flow of the symposium and its duration.

Proposals may engage with, but need not be constrained by, the following themes and prompts:


generative practices

How are trans-disciplinary arts practices generating new approaches to and understandings of movement?

What are the creative and practical challenges of working on and with mobility?


ways and means

How and what does moving mean?

What are the aesthetics of mobility and immobilization?

What are the politics of mobilization?


travelling without moving

What can performance tell us about the often unequal conditions under which mobility is practised, compelled or forbidden?

To what extent can technology replace travel?

What are the climate politics of mobility? 


moving country

How is the ‘mobility turn’ viewed within indigenous epistemologies?

How does mobility impact the emotional and affective dimensions of territorial belonging?

How much of where you come from do you take with you when you go?


Selection Criteria:

Whilst Performing Mobilities is embedded in the Australasian region, proposals related to other regions and contexts are also welcome. Proposals will be blind peer reviewed in relation to their

  • performative engagement in tensions of mobility
  • critical regional relevance and global resonance
  • artistic / conceptual / activist / scholarly merit


How to submit a proposal:

  1. READ the proposal guidelines below
  2. REGISTER your proposal online here
  3. EMAIL your full proposal to: info (at)  by 15 January 2015 (24:00 GMT). 



Proposals should include the following information.  Please ensure that the registered title matches the title of the full proposal submitted. Do not include reference to the authors on the full proposal to allow blind review.

1. Title

2. Abstract or Proposal  (Max. 300 words)

3. Support Images

  • optional - up to 3 images each less that 1mb embedded in this document

4. Link to online support material

  • optional - no more that 2 links please

5.  Facilities and Technical requirements

  • Academic papers will have audio-visual projection facilities provided.
  • Performative presentations, temporary interventions and performances should outline preferred conditions and equipment required, what you can provide and what else you will need.
  • Invited presenters and symposium participants will be required to pay a modest registration fee.


Local and Visiting Correspondents: Each Fluid States cluster invites members of the PSi international community to act   as visiting correspondents to ‘log’ online posts and publications to the Fluid States website.  The call for Local and Visiting Correspondents for is now available here.


PERFORMANCE STUDIES INTERNATIONAL (PSi) is a professional association founded in 1997 to promote communication and exchange among artists, thinkers, activists and academics working in the field of performance. This is a dynamic field of encounters rather than a discipline grounded in one particular methodology or tradition:


Performing Mobilities Network is an unincorporated association producing the project. The network aims to further creative practice and research exploring intersections of performance and mobility by generating projects, events and forums. 


Organising Group

David Cross, artist / Deakin University

Mick Douglas, artist / RMIT University

Paul Gazzola, artist / curator

Bianca Hester, artist / SCA University of Sydney

James Oliver, VCA University of Melbourne

Paul Rae, University of Melbourne

Laurene Vaughn, RMIT University

Meredith Rogers, performance maker & editor ADSA journal

Fiona Wilkie, Roehampton University

Tags: Mobility Travel Transport and Performance   Performance Studies in the Pacific  

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