The Fluid States Route: Islands Vessels and Docks - A Message From Marin Blazevic, Bree Hadley, and the Fluid States team

Dear Fluid States Friends,

In setting out to create a decentralised conference that connects the conference, symposium and performance programs a team of more than 100 of us have worked to create at 15 locations across Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas and the Pacific, we were faced with the challenge of finding a dramaturgical device that would help us enact those connections, without dictating the format or content of local contributions from a global centre.

The dramaturgical device we have come up with to connect the  local conference, symposium and performance programs in PSi#21 Fluid States: Performances of UnKnowing is based on an oceanic metaphor.

This means, for us, each location is an island, which creates a vessel to send an item – an image, text, artefact or performance – to dock at other islands, who then engage that vessel as part of their own live and online activities, and that engagement or encounter is then documented on the ship's diary or log in one way or another.

THE ISLAND is the local conference, symposium or performance program.

THE VESSEL is the transportation mechanism that carries an item - an image, text, artefact or performance, actual or virtual, live or online - from one island to the next, to create connections, exchanges, and communications between the local islands involved in the overall event

THE DOCK is the place and moment of encounter, or exchange, where two islands connect via a vessel

THE LOG is the ship's diary that documents events, encounters, reactions, responses, and so forth

Although we have agreed to enact a central chronological route from island to island throughout 2015, we have also agreed that we are free to send our vessels to any of the other locations as, when and where we like, creating nascent and alternative routes of interconnection based on thematic as much as spatial and temporal flows.

As we experiment with these encounters, connections, and misconnections throughout 2015, we invited you to stay engaged with the process through this section of the log, where we will record the journeys of the vessels, their dockings, and the way they influence our thinking about our own local programs and priorities.

We hope you'll join us on the journey,

Marin Blažević, Bree Hadley, Amanda Yates, Amelia Jones, Dorita Hannah, Gunhild Borggreen, Ileana Drinovan, Ioana Szeman, Jazmin Llana, Jisha Menon, Katherine Mezur, Kathleen Irwin, Laura Luise Schultz, Milica Tomić, Nadra Assaf, Davor Mišković, Hayato Kosuge, Mick Douglas, Rustom Bharucha, Sam Trubridge, Sebastián Calderón Bentin, Surafel Abebe, and the PSi #21 Fluid States team



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