Program for 'Interoceanic: isthmus | zone | canal', Panama City, Panama, announced.

PSi #21 Fluid States - PANAMA CITY, PANAMA, January 2015

- Interoceanic: isthmus | zone | canal

The full program is now available here now available here (Spanish) and here (English).

The program will feature artists AbnersBenaim, Kate Clark, Alex Douglas, Eric Fajardo, Milvia Martínez, Jhafis Quintero, Ela Spalding, Hermione Spriggs, Michael Stevenson and Humberto Vélez. The academic conversations as part of the program will feature Renee Alexander Craft (University of North Carolina-­ Chapel Hill), Sebastián Calderón Bentin (New York University), Guillermo Castro (Fundación Ciudad del Saber), Stanley Heckadon (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute),

Ana Elena Porras (Universidad de Panamá), Luis Pulido Ritter (Universidad de Panamá/Europa Universität Viadrina), Adrienne Samos (Fundación Arte>Panamá), Eduardo Tejeira Davis (Universidad de Panamá) and Katie Zien (McGill University).

For further information, contact Sebastián Calderón Bentin,

Tags: Class Labor Economy and Performance  Community and Performance  Environment Ecology and Performance  Mobility Travel Transport and Performance   Performance Studies in Languages Other Than English  Performance Studies in the Americas   

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