It is with great regret that the decision has been made to cancel the upcoming IN-flux, IN-stability, IN-sensitivity event in Lebanon in December. This decision was not made lightly, and it is due to a number of factors - the most significant being the loss of funding to run the event. This loss of funds makes it impossible to host the event, and coupled with a very volatile and unpredictable political situation in Lebanon, the conveners of the event cannot see how they can make the event work at this late stage with no financial support. The conveners of the event are deeply sorry for any inconvenience that this cancellation might cause, and are extremely sad to have to cancel what could have been a very exciting event for the region.

For more information, contact the event convenors, Nadra Assaf  nadraassaf@gmail.com and Rose Martin rose.martin@auckland.ac.nz.


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IN-flux, IN-stability, IN-sensitivity: The Struggle of Performance in the Arab World
Byblos/Beirut Lebanon

3-5 December 2015, Byblos/Beirut, Lebanon, Lebanese American University Campus 

December 18 2010 marks a historic event in the Middle East. The Arab Spring brought a vast movement of both violent and non-violent demonstrations in the Arab region. History has always contained times of unrest in the MENA area but none as global as the Arab Spring. How has this movement affected the region and more particularly ‘art’ in the region? The answer to this question is one the conference addresses through paper presentations and panel discussions. We invite papers and discussions which reflect on the impact that these political and infrastructural developments are having on performances and performers, and the ways in which both performers and scholars understand performance structures in political, ethnic and cultural terms

Papers, Panels, Roundtables and other Presentation formats:

The call for papers, panels, roundtables, and non-conventional forms of presentations (including performative papers, performances, and workshops) will be opening on 1 February 2015 and all abstracts are to be submitted electronically by 1 April 2015. Notification of acceptance will be on 1 May 2015. All abstracts will be peer-reviewed.

We will invite papers, panels, roundtables, and non-conventional forms of presentations that examine themes such as:

  • How the Arab Spring effect art and performance in the region
  • The function/role of art in such tumultuous times
  • How the exceptional circumstances are enacting upon the body
  • Forms performance acts and actions are art are taking
  • Implications of these acts/actions on our thinking
  • Ways in which the Arab Spring events are shifting the presence and visibility of performance in the region
  • How performance provides a means of recreation, empowerment, support, protest, display, provocation, pleasure or entertainment in the various locations and situations in the MENA region

The call for participation will be circulated through international dance and performance networks such as CORD, SDHS and WDA, through the Fluid States network, as well as personal networks globally with a specific focus on encouraging participation from Middle Eastern artists and academics.

Local & Visiting Correspondents:

Call for Local and Visiting Correspondents available here.


The deadline for early bird registration will be on 1 October 2015, the deadline for all registrations will be 1 November 2015. Fee: 250 USD


Lebanese American University
The University of Auckland
Nadra Assaf
Rose Martin

Tags: Disaster Recovery Resilience and Performance  Identities Bodies Corporealities in Performance   Performance Studies in Europe  Politics the Public Sphere and Performance  Terrorism Security and Performance   War Trauma Migration Diaspora and Performance  

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