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Rethinking Labor and the Creative Economy: Global Performative Perspectives
Friday 27th February – Sunday 1st March 2015
Keywords: Labor, Creative Economy, Cultural Capital, Poverty, Precarity, Performativity, Performance Studies, Social Sciences
How ‘fluid’ are the conditions of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and destitution across the world today?  Are so-called ‘First World’ economies preoccupied with the realities of precarity, or precarious existence, divested of fundamental social and human securities, now beginning to catch up with the chronic poverty in the cultures of the South?  Or, would it be more accurate to say that while there may be a ‘First World’ in the ‘Third World’ through new insertions of affluence, and a ‘Third World’ in the ‘First World’ through new forms of underemployment and invisible poverty, that the economic and cultural imbalances of these ‘Worlds’ remain more or less intact?  These imbalances are further enhanced by the existing hegemonies of cultural and electronic capital, which in turn are articulated through diverse understandings and practices of ‘performance’ – articulations in which the intellectual capital of global critical theory is thoroughly, yet deceptively, embedded.
The primary purpose in holding a conference on labor and the creative economy on the campus of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi, India) is to attempt a critical dialogue on how some of the most tenacious categories of the social sciences around ‘labor’ and the ‘economy’ can be interrogated at performative levels.  While the subject of labor has been interrogated at multiple levels in the social sciences, it is a relatively new area of research in the field of performance studies where labor is now being explored both in the context of actual performances as well as within the framework of the ‘creative economy.’   Rethinking Labour and the Creative Economy: Global Performance Perspectives will bring together social scientists and performance researchers to reflect collectively and across disciplinary borders on the different conditions and manifestations of labor within – and against – the tenets of cultural industries and the creative economy.

This conference will be curated with no open call for Presenters + Performers, but there will be a call for Local and Visiting Correspondents - scholars, artists or activists who have an interest in the topic who would like to attend as part of their own research agenda, participate, then present a creative, scholarly or other sort of response that reads the conference conversations through the lens of their own research on the LOG.

Presenters + Performers - A tentative list of invited speakers includes Gabriele Klein, Jon McKenzie, Ray Langenbach, Janelle Reinelt, Sundar Sarukkai, Gopal Guru, Shomo Choudhury, Nivedita Menon, Susan Foster, John Malpede, Urmimala Sarkar, and Sadanand Menon, among others. A special panel will bring together 3-5 students researching labour in different cultural, economic and performative contexts.
Visiting Correspondents - 10+ visiting correspondents will also be invited to attend and interact with the event.

Call for Local and Visiting Correspondents available here.

Director - Rustom Bharucha
Department of Theatre & Performance Studies
School of Arts & Aesthetics
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Dehli, India
Director - Rustom Bharucha
Department of Theatre & Performance Studies
School of Arts & Aesthetics
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Dehli, India
E. rustombharucha16@gmail.com  

Download the extended description of the project here.

Tags: Audiences Spectators Spectatorship in Performance  Class Labor Economy and Performance  Performance Studies  Performance Studies in Asia  Politics the Public Sphere and Performance  

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