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Aural Lighthouses – a Beacon from Radio Free Santorini
Santorini, Greece

May 16-23, 2015
Fluid Atmosphere: Neighbored by Crete in the extreme east of the European Mediterranean, the Santorini cliff-stead stands some 500 kilometers from the coast of Lybia and 200 kilometers from the coast of Turkish Asia.
 The Santozeum museum building sits high in the town’s urban fabric, its highest room in turn a vantage point over the panorama of the island – currently organized as a radio broadcast room, an aural lighthouse.  Searching, countering and porting messages via a radio network – as the island would have been connected with news of volcanic prognoses or events outside the Greek sphere in the 50’s – this project hosts underground radio artists and avant-garde audio projects aiming to recreate unseen spaces aurally, and in collaboration with the island’s radio networks broadcast for the duration of the event to unknowing participants in situ on the island, confirmed participants, and dissipated crowds on the refracted waves of sound.

Disaster Messaging, Catastrophe Roll Call – The crux of the Santozeum radio/sound project is driven by the radio relay of imminent danger. Disaster sounds, short or long term, perceptible or absently active, and sound incarnations of catastrophe as a technically mediated process or as a replayed/recorded biophony will be broadcast and installed in the naturally occurring amphitheater of the Santorini caldera and across the Cycladic chain in radio collaboration with local broadcasters. Nested in a year-long sound broadcast series, the week of May 16 to May 23 2015 will showcase two or more daily sound projects in relation to concepts of disaster sonification, climate change as represented by the silenced or activated sound environments and relationships between the individual in media res pre- post- during catastrophe. In concert with a series of conference-type papers pertaining to the areas outlined above as well as ramifications within the field – presented in round-table format as well as broadcast – the Santorini Aural Lighthouses projects will deepen its investigation with the work of correspondents and researchers on site in Santorini and other clusters whose work will continue to broadcast outside the scope of the May event.

On-Air – Academic and performance participation, research and several residency opportunities will be offered in the course of 2015.  As the Santozeum will also run its year-long “Radio Free Santorini” project, the span of participation is twofold – the duration of the event, and the extended time of the radio scope within the year. 

Listening Stations – The audience involved with the event can participate in listening platforms at sea, through the ham radio relay network, maritime radio and a restricted audience will be admitted to watch the sound broadcasts and installations.  In the week of the Santorini event several listening stations will be organized – from “floating-boating” platforms, to soundtracked island transits.  The call for papers will ensure participation in a round-table discussion around the Aural Lighthouses project and larger topics that root it.


Call for Proposals is now available here.

Call for Local and Visiting Correspondents available here.

Santozeum Founder and Creative Director: Ileana Drinovan
Santozeum Contributing Curator: Nicholas Rynearson.
Ileana Drinovan: id@santozeum.com

Ljubisa Matic: lm@santozeum.com

Nicholas Rynearson: info@santozeum.com


Tags: Audiences Spectators Spectatorship in Performance  Media Technology and Performance  Performance Studies in Europe  Performance Studies in Languages Other Than English  

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