The overall format, composition and structure of Fluid States: Performances of UnKnowing is based on a dynamic and transitional dramaturgy, inspired by the oceanic metaphor and devised to provide opportunities for encounters and experiments with interrelations of discrete "intra-cultural" performances, events and research practices.
There are four correlated and metaphorically named dramaturgical components that enable interdependence of independent programs of festivals, conferences, or hybrid and novel formats of presentation, collaboration and interaction of artists, academics, activists, communities, and their local, regional and international audiences:

is the local or regional, autonomous and themed program of activities unfolding in a specific cultural environment (as a sort of research cluster).

However, it is also linked to preceding and following clusters/islands.

[photo by Chuck Simmins]

THE VESSEL is the conveyance module, virtual or in some cases actual, constructed at an island and shipped off – via air, sea, radiowaves or other channels – to dock at the next island. The form and medium of the vessel may vary. Whether a live performance or a multimedia presentation, a panel or an image, a publication or installation, it is the vessels that create connections in between the clusters/islands.
THE DOCK is the encounter component of the cluster/island program where local participants receive and respond to the vessel sent from the preceding island.
THE LOG (ship’s diary) is the Fluid States news portal: a virtual, on-line, day-by-day performance in-transit and of transits throughout 2015. The LOG interconnects, communicates and interacts across the dispersed loci and vast distances of the ISLANDS, their VESSELS and DOCKS.
The LOG conveys information, facilitates updates and discussions, but also affords an interactive vehicle for participatory documentation in order to create a living archive for the events on or around the Fluid States islands. The LOG enables the Fluid States participants to share texts, images, performances and other creative artefacts. It invites navigation, conversation and collaboration without colonisation, becoming a thought-provoking platform by which PSi #21 Fluid States connects local audiences with other local audiences, then also global audiences, and vice versa.
Possible dissonances, storms and traumas of encounter, failures to launch or dock the vessel are not negated but negotiated, problematized and embraced by the Fluid States dramaturgy. Political, economic, social and cultural, as well as ecological realities of respective localities will undoubtedly affect the actual unfolding of the project. Its dramaturgy does not evade ‘misperformances’ but coalesces with their potentiality. Eventually, the fluidity of our states might well petrify when tackling tragedies caused by war or natural disaster.

[photo by DFID]

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