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PSi#21 Fluid States- 'Imagining Galaxies of Performance Studies', by Felipe Cervera, India Correspondent

Happening soon... PSi#21 Fluid States - India: Rethinking Labor and the Creative Economy - Global Performance Perspectives

How do you map your world #2- Intra-planetary orbits, by Felipe Cervera

The Fluid States Route: Islands Vessels and Docks - A Message From Marin Blazevic, Bree Hadley, and the Fluid States team

Call for Local and Visiting Correspondents Announced

"Hsieh Tehching: New immigrant labor", Ray Langenbach's take-off point for his intervention on labor during the conference

"Performing Authenticity and the Gendered Labor of Dance" Susan Leigh Foster's take-off point for her intervention on labor during the conference

Rustom Bharucha's recommended readings on the Creative Economy to be discussed during the conference

"Los Angeles Poverty Department", Rustom Bharucha's recommended links on the work of LAPD artistic director John Malpede to be discussed during the conference

"Broom Stories", writing from Rustom Bharucha from the documentary film on the labor and economic relations embodied in the practice of broom-making in India, to be screened and discussed during the conference

'It's the surprises that turn out to be so valuable', a conversation about Fluid States, Tracy C. Davis with Una Bauer

Four Faces of Omarska