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Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas - Correspondence

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PSi #21 Fluid States - Japan, Photos from 'Beyond Contamination', by Karen Gonzalez Rice, Japan Correspondent

Fluid States TV - Performing Mobilities, Australia

Fluid States Radio - Performing Mobilities, Australia

PSi #21 Fluid States - Australia, Fluid States Melbourne Report #1 by Felipe Cervera, Australia Correspondent

PSi #21 Fluid States - Canada, Post Cards from Performing Turtle Island, by Anne Smith, Canada Correspondent

PSi #21 Fluid States - Fluid States North in Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Island, This is too visceral to be telematic..., by Denmark Correspondent Sarah Bay-Cheng

Programs for PSi #21 Fluid States - Regina, Canada and Montreal, Canada are now available!

The Fluid States Route: Island Vessel and Dock #4 - Bahamas encounters Greece

PSi#21 Fluid States - Bahamas: Deep Anatomy, Photos of and from Participants

Lebanon: Call for Participation Announced

"This Sea Is Mine", reflections on a recent performance project along the Lebanese seafront, in search of understandings of public space in Lebanon, by Tania El Khoury

Aomori: Call for Participation Announced

Bahamas: Call for Participation Announced

"Performing Authenticity and the Gendered Labor of Dance" Susan Leigh Foster's take-off point for her intervention on labor during the conference

"Transcendence", a documentary on the psychology of extreme sports, such as the diving competition taking place during the Bahama's program, the PhD thesis of Dr Eric Brymer from the Faculty of Health at Queensland University of Technology

Rarotonga: Call for Participation Announced

Four Faces of Omarska